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What is igni?

Igni is a student-run company that aims to serve a large number of customers in geographically clustered markets, such as a college campus where many students buy similar types of products. Our mission is to make supply chain efficient to provide high-end products to students at a price unmatched anywhere, offline or online.

Where will we operate?

We aim to operate initially in important and prestigious college campuses of eastern India, initially. Then we plan to expand all through India.

What will the job of a Managing Partner be like?

Managing Partners will be an integral part of our company and will manage our operations in their college both independently and as a part of a large team. The job profile will primarily be marketing and sales based and will also test and grow leadership and teamwork ability. To help you grow and improve your skills, we will provide educational resources over the summers that will improve your confidence and give you some handy skills for your career.

How much of my time will it consume?

Our major drive will be conducted in the first two weeks of the next academic session. Expect that time to be packed with work as a Managing Partner. Apart from that work will be mostly online.

What benefits will I gain by working as a Managing Partner?

There are several benefits to working as a Managing Partner:
i) A fixed commission for every sale you make. We estimate that the average Managing partner will make around Rs. 20,000 for around 2 weeks of work.
ii) Every Managing Partner will receive a work experience certificate that will illustrate the quality of work that you have done in your tenure.
iii) Educational resources will be provided in the summers to improve your confidence and sales skills. The connections you make and the experience and knowledge you gain while working with us will be a boost for your career.
iv)Best performers will be offered a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer) to work with us. So if you have excellent networking skills and are good at sales, we are excited to work with you to take igni to the next level.

About Team

Abhinav Pandey(abhinav@igni.in) and Anshul Kharb(anshul@igni.in) from IIT Kharagpur are co-founders of igni. Both have a strong passion for entrepreneurship. Abhinav�s passion is designing and implementing complex systems and has been involved in several small-scale startups in the direct consumer space. Anshul is a keen learner and observer and igni is his 2nd startup. Before igni, he founded sponsdo, a native advertising company offering advertisements through data-driven storytelling.