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Laptop Buying Guide

Most comprehensive laptop buying guide for college students

Programming + Multitasking + Casual Gaming + MS Office & Other Softwares
Gaming + Programming + Multitasking + Video/Image Editing & Other Softwares

i5 processor will ensure that your laptop does not slow down when you reach 3rd-4th year as softwares generally become more resource intensive with time

For Gaming, i5 8th gen has a superior performance compared to i7 7th Gen. Also 8th Gen processors are built keeping in mind possible future AI/ML/VR apps

8GB RAM capacity is more than enough to run today’s applications.
An additional RAM slot is present which can be used to upgrade your RAM in the future

1TB is industry standard

2TB storage is provided to store large games, software and media files

Intel Integrated Graphics are capable of supporting casual graphic-intensive work

2GB AMD Graphic Card is enough for running graphic intensive games

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